Scott Jonathan Lewis
21 Years Old

March 23, 1959 to September 1980

Scott Jonathan Lewis, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was born at Ft. Benning, Georgia, and moved often with his Army officer dad and family. His travels included El Paso, Texas (where sister Sandra was born), Oklahoma, Florida, New Hampshire, Okinawa (where brother Steven was born), Connecticut, Kansas, San Antonio, Belgium, California and Colorado.

He was a bright, outgoing, easy-going child and always "the big brother." He had a curious mind, arms and legs eager for climbing, gymnastics, baseball and skiing. The Boy Scout program was a big part of his life from Cub Scouts on to achieving Eagle. Music and dance were his loves, and he participated in choral clubs and choirs. At the time of his death, Scott was a part-time dance instructor at an Arthur Murray's studio.

He applied and was accepted to West Point and the Air Force Academy. After two and a half years at the latter, he decided to resign his commission and, at the time of his disappearance, was newly enrolled at the University of Colorado, majoring in psychology.

Scott's love of the outdoors and nature dominated his life. During one phone call home he excitedly described a camping experience above the tree line in Colorado. A frequent camper, even he was totally overwhelmed by "the absolute silence except for the rippling of a nearby stream." In going through his things, an essay describing the Garden of Gods was found, and it helped our family decide to scatter his ashes at that exquisite place. His spirit and love will live on in our hearts, forever.


Twenty-one-year-old Scott Jonathan Lewis of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and a close friend of his, Janet Marie Bunkers, worked at a Colorado Springs dance studio. They were reported missing by their employer on September 15, 1980, and were missing for seven agonizing months before their bodies were found by hunters in the wilderness of New Mexico on April 5, 1981. They had been abducted in Colorado Springs, bound, gagged, stuffed in the trunk of a car and driven 170 miles before being shot to death.

Four offenders were involved. One was granted immunity for testimony, another pleaded state's evidence and received two to six years, one attempted suicide by hanging and is incapacitated, and the fourth went to trial and remains in prison.

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Scott Lewis