Sarah Lynn (Hart) Blessing
37 Years Old

March 3, 1955 to May 7, 1992

Sarah Lynn Blessing, a native of Topeka, Kansas, was a very conscientious student; she liked to study. In high school she was on the debate team four years - a member of teams that placed first and third in state competition.

Sarah graduated college with a 3.90 grade point average. her degree was a bachelor of fine arts, majoring in interpersonal communication and minoring in psychology. She was on the president's honor roll, dean's honor roll, honorary panhellenic scholarship and honorary speech scholarship. Sarah had a Respondere (equivalent to a bachelor degree) from the School of Metaphysics. She was a school director and teacher for the School of Metaphysics. During this time with the School, she held part-time jobs. Sarah left Topeka to live in St. Louis, then on to Detroit, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Dallas. In each city, she established new schools and stayed with them until they were able to be on their own.

When Sarah and her husband left the School, they returned to Kansas City, Missouri where she concentrated her energy on natural healing, health foods, etc. She was an excellent reflexologist. Sarah was a distributor for "Nature's Sunshine" vitamins and products. She established her business in their home, giving reflexology treatments, selling, teaching and seminars. At the same time, she worked for a business that handled different insurance company's new customers. She also worked for the 1988 NCAA Final Four Committee, which was a fun job for her, even if her main interests were not in sports.

She soon was working full-time at her own business, "Nature's Blessings," concentrating on holistic health, teaching, reflexology, herbology and fasting. She had a full line of top quality herbal products and a home water treatment system that she demonstrated and sold.

Sarah had a children's book finished and illustrated, but didn't get it sent in before her death. She had several poems published. Sarah was very original and artistic in many ways - she enjoyed drawing, sewing, gardening, dancing and the great outdoors. She could always find the good in everything and everyone. She was very light-hearted and happy. Sarah had a dog and cat that she fed the same natural food that she ate. They were beautiful.

Sarah had a younger sister and brother. In her younger years, she got her fair share of baby sitting, and got in on the sibling rivalries, but as they grew older, they were very close and enjoyed each other's company. Sarah always liked to go home and eat her dad's cooking, which wasn't health food!


Sarah Lynn Blessing, 37, a native of Topeka, Kansas, was working in a shop in a strip mall in Raytown, Missouri. Near closing time, the manager of the video store next door saw a man walk by. Shortly after, he heard a shot and a door slam. He ran to the front of his store just in time to see that same man go around the corner of the mall. The video manager checked the back of his store, looked out, but saw no one. He then went next door to check on Sarah and saw that she had been shot. He called for police and medical help.

Sarah's death was connected to five other deaths, all shot in the head by the same gun, all in strip malls, and all but one, petite, brown-haired girls. The one male managed a ceramic shop - he had long brown hair and was wearing an earring, apparently mistaken for a female.

The murders took place between April 8 and May 7, 1992. Starting in Indianapolis, Indiana and ending in Raytown, Missouri. In addition, the man killed in Terre Haute, Indiana, St. Charles, Missouri and two girls in Wichita, Kansas. All of the shootings happened in strip malls on or close to Interstate 70 and/or 35. To date, the murderer has not been apprehended.

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Sarah Blessing