Sandra C. Hoyt
14 Years Old

February 24, 1964 to February 13, 1979

Sandy was born on February 24, 1964 in Stamford, Connecticut. Her full Christian name is Sandra Catherine Hoyt. She was a beautiful and loving baby; our first child, a special gift from God. As were her two younger sisters, Lisa and Susan.

Sandy was a freshman at Stamford High School and an active member of the Springdale "Silhouette" drum and bugle corp. band. She also pitched for her team in the Stamford "Miss America" softball league.

Sandy loved life and was very popular among her many friends. She is buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Darien, Connecticut. Only the good Lord knows how much we love and miss her. She will always live on in our broken hearts. It is impossible for us to write or speak words to describe the sorrow and pain we feel.

The Hoyt Family


On February 13, 1979, Bruce D. Williams, Jr. brutally raped and murdered fourteen year old Sandy Hoyt. Williams calculated and planned his crimes by telephoning Sandy and introducing himself as a doctor who required her to baby sit his son at his home.

He stated to her that he just received a call to attend an emergency for one of his patients. Williams met Sandy on his street while using his ten month old son as a decoy to convince her that this was a legitimate baby sitting job.

In his home, while Sandy was occupied with his son, he put a rope around her, tied her to his bed and raped her. After he completed his savage rape he warned her not to disclose to anyone what he did to her. She told him that she would tell her parents and the police.

In an angry rage, Williams strangled her to death, dumped her body in a wooded area to cover and conceal his tracks. He never showed any remorse or responsibility for his crimes. At the time, he was employed as a US Postal worker and special policeman. His father was a Stamford police officer.

After a plea bargain, without our knowledge or consent, he was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 20 years to life. His first parole hearing was held in September 1988. He was denied parole release. We presented over 25,000 petition signatures along with over 100 letters to the parole board protesting his release.

His second hearing was scheduled for September 1994. Williams postponed this hearing a week before, after we presented over 20,000 new petition signatures. We are waiting for reschedule.

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Sandra Hoyt