Samuel Johnson "Sam"
51 Years Old

May 15, 1945 to June 18, 1996

Sam Johnson, originally of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a very loving, kind person. He loved fishing and playing poker with his life-long friends. Sam was the type of person that you would never forget.

Sam was the father of four daughters and a truck driver for Yellow Freight.

He was a beloved husband, son, father, papo, brother and friend. Above all, Sam Johnson was a hero.

Sam Johnson, 51, originally of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was visiting his wife at work at a tavern. People were friendly and conversations normal when a 74-year-old man suddenly went wild.

Sam went to the door to try and calm the man down, who was screaming he was going to kill everyone. This selfless act resulted in Sam taking the gunman's first shot in the stomach. Wounded, Sam continued to hold down the gunman, John Hagan, while suffering from another fatal bullet, until the police arrived.

Hagan was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. As of September 1997, he was still in prison.

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Samuel Johnson