Roy Wayne Shepherd, Jr.
29 Years Old

December 25, 1963 to February 4, 1993

Roy Wayne Shepherd, Jr., of Mesa, Arizona, was a very giving and loving young man. He was always there to help anyone who needed it, and when he laughed, everyone laughed with him.

Roy worked in construction and enjoyed his work as a concrete finisher. In the summer, he enjoyed trips to the river, and he also loved just driving around town. Roy was an excellent cook and always wanted to become a chef. He used to tease his mother saying she couldn't cook. She would then ask him who taught him to cook, which always brought a big smile to his face.

Roy was a good father to his daughter, Lacey, who is now eight years old. He and Lacey's mother, Ginny Goss, intended to marry and have more children. Roy, and only child born on Christmas Day, was extremely close to his family and is missed by all.


Roy Wayne Shepherd, Jr., of Mesa, Arizona, had borrowed an automobile belonging to Ernest Esery. When Roy failed to return Esery's car at the agreed upon time, Esery told people he would shoot Roy if he saw him behind the wheel of his car. Esery waited in a car in the parking lot of an apartment complex for Roy, and when Roy drove up, Esery followed him, blocking his car. He approached Roy with his .357 Magnum cocked, and as Roy got out of the car, Esery put the gun in his face and fired. He retrieved his car keys from Roy's body and left in his car.

Upon his arrest, Esery admitted to Roy's murder and claimed he would do it again. He spent nine months and three days in jail awaiting trial before charges were dismissed without prejudice. Three years later, he has yet to be tried for Roy's murder.

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