Roger Pratt
22 Years Old

October 8, 1965 to June 17, 1988

Roger "Butch" Pratt of Munhall, Pennsylvania, was a happy, well-liked young man with high potential to succeed in life - as a businessman, a husband, and a father to many children.

Butch enjoyed sports and received many awards for playing baseball, football, and wrestling. A scholarship in his name was set up at his high school to help other students go to college.

Butch is greatly missed by his mom and dad, his brother Mike, sister Cathy, and Gram Gilkey.


On June 17, 1988, Roger "Butch" Pratt of Munhall, Pennsylvania, was lured to Akron, Ohio, by two girls who told him they were going to a party. He was handcuffed and tied before being beaten to death by a college classmate because he refused to help them commit an arson in Pennsylvania. Butch's body was then placed in a garbage bag and taken back to Pennsylvania where it was buried on a farm. Butch was missing from his family and friends for 16 long months before his body was found.

Edward Swiger was convicted of aggravated murder and sentenced to life with no parole possible for 30 years. Michael Swiger was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 21 to 53 years, and Linda Karlin was convicted of conspiracy to kidnap and sentenced to 7 to 15 years. As of today, they are still in prison.

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Roger Pratt