Robert Leonard Kasper
40 Years Old

June 21, 1949 to May 30, 1990

Robert Leonard "Bob" Kasper, of Long Island, New York, loved the water and lived with his wife, Maria, in a waterfront home where he kept his boat. Bob, who was a pilot, loved to fly and rented a plane nearly every weekend. As a young man, he wanted to be an air traffic controller.

Bob was a big man, yet tender, gentle and forgiving. He had an associate's degree and his first job was working in an office, which he hated, so he opened his own business - a car repair shop and worked long, hard hours.

Bob loved to eat, he was very handy and did all of the repairs and renovations on his house. He was so strong physically - he was my rock of Gibraltar in every sense of the word. He adored his wife and called her his "princess" lavishing her with deep, unconditional love. They shared lots of laughs and many wonderful times.


On Tuesday, May 29, 1990, Robert Leonard "Bob" Kasper, 40, of Long Island, New York, went to work at his car repair shop. His wife, who worked in Manhattan, would often meet Bob after work at his shop so they could drive home together. However, Maria had stayed home from work that rainy day. Around 9:00 pm that night, their eight-year-old daughter called the car repair shop to talk to Bob. She became confused and handed the phone to her mother. Maria spoke to a policeman who told her there had been an accident. She then spoke to an employee who assured her that Bob was fine. She talked to the policeman again and insisted he give her more information because she was in Long Island and it would take her a long time to reach Brooklyn. She was finally given the name of the hospital where Bob had been taken. She spoke to a doctor who told her Bob had been shot in the head and that she should come immediately. When she arrived at the hospital, Maria was told that Bob was brain-dead. He was disconnected from life support the following day.

The case remains unsolved, however, Maria strongly suspects that neighbors near the repair shop are responsible because Bob suspected them of stealing.

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Robert Kasper