Robert Lee Griffy
23 Years Old

November 11, 1960 to August 26, 1984

Robert was the first born child of Jackie and Earl Griffy. He was active, friendly and cooperative both with his friends and family. He attended the Cleveland Public Schools for most of his school career and when we moved to Brook Park, he finished his senior year at Berea High School.

Bob served four years in the Marine Corps. He was trained in electronics and served in California, Hawaii, and Korea. While in the Marine Corps, he attended college in Hawaii and completed a couple of years there before coming home to the Cleveland area.

Upon returning home, he decided to enter the physical therapy program at Cleveland State University. He worked part time and re-enlisted in the Brook Park National Guard. He was an avid biker and pedaled to Milwaukee to a fraternity convention prior to his murder. He also ran track and kept physically fit in many ways. He was also very active in his college fraternity, becoming the pledge of the year and an officer in the fraternity. He did all this while maintaining a high B average in college. To cut down on the commuting time, he decided to live in the fraternity house just off the campus. To make his room livable, he remodeled it completely. He was killed in front of the fraternity house by an unknown assailant after returning from an off campus party.


Robert and his girlfriend, Laurie, were returning from an off campus fraternity party. They were sitting in a parked car in front of the fraternity house talking when they were approached by an unidentified black man. This man claimed his car wouldn't start and would they help him. Bob sent Laurie home and went into the fraternity house to get jumper cables. He returned with the cables and was shot to death with a sawed-off shotgun shortly thereafter.

His killer has never been caught or identified. The case remains open.

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