Robert Dwan Feary
34 Years Old

June 8, 1959 to August 8, 1993

Robert Dwan Feary was from Norfolk, Virginia. As memory turns the pages of Dwan's book, we see a first-born and a first grandchild; a miniscule pair of white cowboy boots; a right-hander's outfield glove; red swimming ribbons; a winning citizenship essay; art books and drawings; high school graduation followed shortly by a small church wedding to his high school sweetheart; two beautiful daughters, now ages 17 and 14; and after eight years of marriage, a painful divorce; an honors diploma from the U.S. Navy's photography school and six years in the Navy; including a stint in Lebanon and Turkey; logbooks of 100 sky dives and 67 free falls; a collection of t-shirts and a well-used tennis racquet; family snapshots with his mother, two brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a large, black dog; worn camera bags and hundreds of professional and fine-art photographs through which we can discover Dwan. They are extensions of his artistry; compassion for humanity and ability to capitalize on experiences and to love life. He took on the world insatiably - so much to explore and not enough time. Exuberance drew people to him, and although he was no saint, he inspired trust and love.

Dwan's example teaches us that joy is not in things, but in family and friends, one's own creations, contentment with what one has, and the positive honest way in which one lives. Dwan used positive attitudes and energy to expand and magnify his life and at the end to enter into God's light.


Robert Dwan Feary, 34, of Norfolk, Virginia, was shot by an intruder who entered the cottage through a window during the night.

Craig W. Schaeffer pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. As of October, 1997, he was still in prison.

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Robert Feary