Robert Peter Campo, Jr.
18 Years Old

November 27, 1969 to May 2, 1988

Robert Peter Campo, Jr., of Hollywood, California, was born a uniquely talented and happy individual. As a cub scout, he won the design award for the Pinewood Derby and was recognized for many other artistic achievements. During adolescence, Rob was sergeant in the County Sheriff's Cadet Program, volunteering many hours of service to his community. Active in sports and all school extracurricular activities, Rob supported his teams and school in dramatic productions. Scoring in the top 3 percent of all individuals in the U.S., Rob could read over 700 words per minute. Handsome, gifted and versatile, Rob could paint on canvas, compose, write prose and poetry, sing, sculpt, play guitar and piano. Rob utilized those talents during his two years appearing on WLYB-TV cable station. Rob designed the logo for the high school station that is still used today. He anchored a music review segment and was recognized with the Telly Award for 1985-86.

Accepted to Marist College to study communication arts, Rob decided to explore his opportunities and we happily concurred. Afforded an internship at WNYC-TV, Rob opted to try Los Angeles instead.

The quality that best describes Rob was his enormous love for his fellow man; generous and compassionate to a fault. Over a thousand people passed by his coffin and attended his wake, joyful Mass and final burial. How many of us, given long lives, will have so positively touched so many? How many of us will command such love, honor and respect in our final hours on this earth? Can anyone ever justify the loss of this significant human being? How do we fill the void he leaves for all posterity? Who will mend the social fabric, so torn? Our loss pales before the loss of the whole of society.

Robert P. "Rob" Campo, Jr., while attending Marist College, sought time to pursue his opportunities given his many gifts and talents. After only 5 and 1/2 weeks in residence in Hollywood, and already having been recognized as an "employee of the week," 18-year-old Rob had an act prepared for a comedy club, had been to the Screen Actor's Guild, his band was primed to play and all was right with his world. He also had his return ticket home dated June of '88.


On May 2, 1988, Rob was in the right place at the right time. It was Rob's depraved murderer who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. His killer was on probation in California for a plea-bargained sexual crime, whereupon he traveled to Ohio and committed another sexual offense and was sentenced to 3 to 15 years. Despite an extensive criminal history since childhood, this individual was sent back to California unsupervised to continue probation; the 3 to 15 years, somehow forgotten. He then stalked Robert for the purpose of committing sexual assault. The murderer was unknown to Rob and he bravely fought his attacker. He was brutally and odiously beaten, crushed, strangled and abused to his death. Ten days later his murderer was caught in the act of sodomizing a 14-year-old boy.

Rob's killer plea bargained to second degree murder and was sentenced to 15 years to life. As of 1996, he was still in prison.

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Robert Campo