Rita Diane Sheret
14 Years Old

December 20, 1956 to June 9, 1971

My daughter Rita Diane was 14 when she was murdered. She was the oldest of my three children.

Rita was an excellent student who was on the Honor roll. She planned to go to college.

Rita had many friends and was active in the Rainbow Girls. She was Secretary of her chapter. She was a patriotic American girl she marched with the Rainbow Girls in the Memorial Day Parade which ended in the cemetery about 50 feet from where she is buried.


On June 9th, 1971, school was dismissed at noon due to racial troubles.

Rita got off the school bus at about 12:15PM and saw a boy with whom she had differences.

Rita ran through some woods, thinking she could beat him through. He caught her and strangled her with her own belt.

This 16 year old boy, Joseph Marine, was in the 10th grade and was not supposed to be on that bus.

The next day, he was questioned but not arrested. He took and failed a lie detector test. He was asked by the police to take another test but his father hired an attorney and was advised not to take a test.

At the time, Allegheny County assumed jurisdiction over homicides everywhere in the county outside Pittsburgh. The County Police Force consisted of political appointees and was very inept. They, along with the Penn Hills Police asked Joseph Marine and others to go to the Penn Hill Police Station for questioning. He went without either of his parents. He was not arrested.

Marine’s family was from New Orleans. His father was transferred to the Pittsburgh area and told me he would never go back because he was making twice the salary.

Within two weeks, the family left in the middle of the night, taking no furniture. A moving truck picked-up their furniture about a week later. I know that is legal but I find it very strange.

Several years later, the Allegheny County Police Force was updated into a real police department.

In August 1987, a warrant was issued for Joseph Marine. He was extradited from Louisiana where he was serving a prison term for Rape and Attempted Rape Crimes.

The jury was chosen but first there was a Suppression Hearing before a senile senior Judge. In his opinion, because Marine did not have either of his parents present, he could not be held responsible for his answers.

The police had not read Marine his Miranda Rights, even though he was not arrested at the time on June 10th, 1971.

I have been told by an Assistant District Attorney and some police they know Marine is guilty but nothing can be done. No one else has been arrested for Rita’s murder and I do not know whether or not, as of March 2000, Marine is in jail.

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