Rebecca Ann Johnston
18 Years Old

March 15, 1970 to January 1, 1989

Rebecca Ann "Becci" Johnston, of North Little Rock, Arkansas, was the only child of Alice Johnston. She had made the transition from high school to college and had moved into her own apartment. She wanted to help troubled teens.

Becci was pretty, energetic and bright. She loved swimming, bowling, tennis, shopping and was very involved with friends and classmates' lives - and she was the apple of her mother's eye.


On January 1, 1989, Rebecca Ann "Becci" Johnston, 18, of North Little Rock, Arkansas, was at home visiting with a friend who had dropped by. Arturo Aranda, his brother Margarito "Mark" Aranda, and two co-conspirators Efrain Garza and Domingo Carrion, broke into Becci's home with the intention of kidnapping the friend who was visiting her. During the altercation and in the confusion, Becci tried to reach the telephone and was shot in the neck by Arturo Aranda and laid dying on her living room floor where she drowned in her own blood.

Arturo Aranda, an illegal alien, fled to his homeland. Five months later, he was returned to the United States to stand trial. All four men were charged with first degree murder and attempted kidnapping. Arturo Aranda was convicted and sentenced to five years for manslaughter and six years for attempted kidnapping. In 1994 he was deported. Sixteen-year-old Mark Aranda was convicted of attempted kidnapping and was sentenced to five years. He served 18 months and was deported in 1991. Domingo Carrion was convicted of attempted kidnapping and sentenced to eight years. He was released in October 1992, after serving three years and four months. Efrain Garza was granted limited immunity and allowed to plead guilty to criminal attempt to commit kidnapping, but served no jail time in exchange for his testimony against the others.

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Rebecca Johnston