Raymond Lee Messerschmidt
35 Years Old

November 17, 1949 to August 25, 1985

Raymond Lee “Ray” Messerschmidt, 35, from Wichita, Kansas lived a simple life. The last nine years of Ray’s life, he worked at Excel and belonged to several conservation groups.

Ray was extremely generous and sent more than one person to Bible College. He always seemed to find the money to loan a friend-in-need, even if he knew he would not be repaid.

Ray planted tulips and other flowers anywhere someone would allow him.

Always being on his way to see someone, Ray was never in one place for long.

Ray left many friends who miss him more than they knew was possible.

Raymond deserved to live a full life.


Raymond Lee “Ray” Messerschmidt, 35, from Wichita, Kansas was brutally murdered near his apartment on August 25th, 1985 by Gregory Chism and C.J. Wenzel.

Chism and Wenzel, under the influence of alcohol, were in the process of burglarizing the apartment downstairs from Ray’s apartment. Ray went down his outside staircase with a rifle. He was overpowered by the two men. They savagely beat Ray in the head with the rifle until the butt of the rifle broke-off. He was then shot and left to die.

Chism and Wenzel were tried and found guilty of Felony Murder and sentenced to Life in prison.

Neither have ever shown any remorse.

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Raymond Messerschmidt