Phillip Allen Old
31 Years Old

June 29, 1962 to July 13, 1993

Phillip Allen "Phil" Old, of Houston, Texas, was a very loving, caring son, grandson, father-to-be, husband, and friend. He was generous to a fault, often giving to others when he had little more than the bare necessities himself.

Although the physical distance between Phil and his family was considerable at times, they were always very close and talked by phone, wrote, and visited each other as often as possible. Phil was thrilled about his first baby that was on the way, but did not live to even hold him. The week before he was killed, Phil went to his wife's doctor appointment with her and was able to see their baby on the sonogram and hear its heartbeat through a stethoscope. He called to share his excitement with us at having "seen" his son. Phil was carrying a photo of his son's sonogram in his wallet when he was killed.

Phillip's favorite activity was fishing. Even as a small boy growing up in Florida, he would sit for hours, always anxious for the next bite. In spite of the fact that he traveled and his work took him away, he wanted to move back to Florida.

Phillip, an only child, overcame many hardships in his life and had so much to look forward to. He had arranged for his vital organs to be donated and we pray they were used and someone is benefiting from his generosity.

To him, I say, "I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you from such terrible harm, son. Dad and I miss you so very much. Oh how I wish I could answer the phone and hear your voice or go to the front door to find you on the doorstep when we thought you were 2500 miles away. Thank you, so, for all that you ARE in our hearts always. God keep you son. WE LOVE YOU."


Phillip Allen "Phil" Old, 31, of Houston, Texas, and his wife had been working on their kitchen cabinets the evening of July 13, 1993. When they finished working, they sat down to relax a few minutes before going to bed. His wife said she wished she had something sweet to eat - like a doughnut. He offered to get some for her, kidding about her cravings because she was seven months pregnant with their first child - a boy.

Phillip kissed her good-bye and drove three miles to a doughnut shop and entered the shop while a robbery was in progress in a back room. We don't know the circumstances, but Phillip was shot in the back of the head and was brain dead immediately.

There have been no arrests and Houston police give us little or no hope of ever finding the killers. The police don't even appear to be trying now. We feel so helpless not being able to find our son's murderers.

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Phillip Old