Paula Marie Danforth
19 Years Old

March 11, 1968 to July 29, 1987

Paula Danforth, of Sudbury, Massachusetts, had completed high school in 1986 and was planning a nursing career.

Her hobbies were skiing in the winter and the beach and sailing in the summer.

Paula was the middle child - the only girl - with a brother 15 months older and one 13 months younger. She now has a little brother that she never met.


On Monday, July 29, 1987, Paula Danforth started a new job working as a nurse's aid at Bolton Manner Nursing Home in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Her work schedule was 3 pm to 9 pm. During her shift, Paula placed a phone call home to let her parents know that she would be walking to a friend's apartment after work. She never made it to the apartment.

Paula was attacked by Wilbert Scott after leaving the nursing home. He proceeded to drag her into an empty wooded lot in an attempted rape. Paula suffered a blunt impact to her head and death resulted from this impact, along with asphyxiation by a a gag. She was left alone to die.

After a three day search by a large group of volunteers, her body was found in an area overgrown by vines and trees. Police found her panties, shoes, socks and purse approximately 25 feet from her body.

Wilbert Scott was arrested the following Monday and charged with Paula's murder. Fifteen months later he was tried and convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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Paula Danforth