Paul Edward Londono
25 Years Old

June 9, 1963 to January 8, 1989

Paul was a loving son, brother, uncle and friend. He was handsome, friendly and caring; very close and special to all of us.

Paul was gentle and caring with my little grandsons. He took them to car shows, amusement parks and ball games. Paul loved water sports, skiing, tennis and the outdoors.

Every holiday was at my house with all our family and some friends. There was big dinners and lots of presents and dancing. Paul was in charge of the music.

Paul graduated high school and went to college. He was a pilot. I used to go flying with him. He had a few hours left before becoming a commercial pilot.

Without Paul, our lives changed forever. For me, his mother, there is not one day that I do not think of him and miss him terribly.

Paul used to say the most important things in his life were God, his family and flying.

Rest in peace, my beloved Paul…..


January 2nd, 1989 was the last day I saw my beloved son.

Paul drove back to California after spending the holidays with all his family. He went with his brother-in-law. They arrived in Newport Beach, California on January 7th, 1989. He went to his sister’s house for dinner. Even though Paul was very tired after driving so many hours, he refused to sleep at his sister’s house.

Paul went back to his apartment he shared with Brian Applegate. About 11PM, Paul went to sleep. While he was sleeping, Brian shot him in the head. Brian put Paul’s body in a sleeping bag, took him to the beach, dowsed him with gasoline and set him on fire.

Brian Applegate admitted murdering Paul and explained in detail, every part of the murder.

At the trial, Brian Applegate was found guilty of First-Degree Murder by the jury but Judge R. Fitzgerald gave him only seven years.

I was not notified of Applegate’s release but I am sure there are other victims.

Brian Applegate had an extensive police record, including trying to set fire to a couch with his own sister sleeping on it.

Brian Applegate is a monster without feelings or conscience, a liar and a con man.

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Paul Londono