Paul Daniel DiCampo
"Soaring Eagle"
16 Years Old

July 23, 1977 to December 24, 1993

Paul Daniel DiCampo, of Manchester, New Hampshire, was loved by everyone he ever met - teenagers and adults alike. He had a smile for everyone and a way with people. He was helpful, courteous, kind and compassionate.

He played first base on his baseball team and was elected Most Valuable Player by his teammates. He also liked basketball, but only played for fun with the neighbors.

Paul was also involved with the Native Americans, that is where the name "Soaring Eagle" came from.

He loved to water-ski and drive his father's boat. He also hunted, fished, and was a junior lifeguard.


Paul Daniel "Soaring Eagle" DiCampo, 16, of Manchester, New Hampshire, was shot by a Dominican drug dealer. Although he was not involved with the dealer, Paul knew about the drug activities. The dealer was afraid Paul would turn him into the police, so he convinced Paul to come to his apartment under the premise of needing to talk to him. Instead, Paul was shot in the back with a .357 Magnum.

Junior Gonzalas was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 7 to 12 and 1/2 years in prison. As of March 1996, Gonzalas was still in prison.

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Paul DeCampo