Patricia Ann Lange
36 Years Old

August 10, 1957 to August 23, 1993

Pat was born in Decatur, Illinois. In her lifetime, we lived in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin when Pat was in Kindergarten and first grade. We lived in St. James, Minnesota when she was in grades 2 through 6. Her early junior high years were in Yankton, South Dakota. Then she finished junior high and high school in Keokuk, Iowa. She was in the top of her high school class. Pat took dancing lessons from her 5th year until she graduated from high school. She was in many recitals as a chorus member and as the main person. She was in the high school drill team for three years.

She did her college years at the University of Northern Iowa and graduated with a math major and a grade point of 3.9. Her only B was in the physical education course of canoeing.

When she graduated, she worked for two years for an insurance company in St. Paul, Minnesota. A year after she graduated from college, she married a man she'd dated 2 years while in school. He left and she took a job with Martin Marrietta in Denver, Colorado. She worked there for 15 years. In 1993, Norwest Insurance hired her. This placed her in Des Moines, Iowa and would placed her closer to brothers, sister, and parents. Her specialty was straightening out software problems on the company computers.

Pat had two older brothers and one younger sister. She was the third child of four children. Her sister is 18 months younger and they were very close to each other. They called each other once or twice a week, too many vacations together, and shared the pleasures and trials of their lives.


Pat moved to Des Moines, Iowa in August of 1993. She lived at the Holiday Inn in West Des Moines for her first week of work. She had rented an apartment as was going back to Denver to complete the moving process.

Some time on Sunday evening, a male entered her room and strangled her. Her body was found the next morning when she didn't show up for work.

Pat's murder is unsolved.

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