Pamela Lynn Walker
20 Years Old

June 26, 1956 to January 1, 1977

Imagine yourself, husband, your 2 year-old daughter and 1 year-old son, enjoying the gifts you had received on Christmas Day. Just six days before, you had enjoyed this Christmas day with your parents, three other sisters, two of their husbands and your 2 year-old niece. Then one week later at 1:30 a.m. on New Year's Day, you are awakened with a telephone call, stating your younger sister, Pam, had been murdered by her husband, killed his best friend and left your niece on the couch while he fled with the murdered man's wife as hostage. This was a devastating holocaust for our entire family. That is what happened to us on January 1, 1977.

My younger sister, Pam of three years, had been murdered while she was awakened by the two gunshot noises fired directly into the side of their friend. She sat up from the mattress on their friend's living room floor yelling "Jerry" and he then shot her from a three feet range with a 20 gauge shotgun (using three gauge buckshot) into the right side of her head. That wasn't good enough for the murderer, while she lay there strangling in her own blood, he then put the shotgun directly to her forehead and shot her again.

We never got to see her dead. The funeral home said there was nothing they could do to make her presentable for our family to view. Jerry Don Minton had murdered her beyond all recognition. We had a closed casket funeral with her picture on top of the casket. We all still wondered if she was still alive and would every once in a while catch a glimpse of some familiar face with dark long hair and know in our hearts it was her. But, it wasn't!

Pam loved to sing. We three older sister's sang together in church almost every Sunday. Pam also loved her daughter, Jennifer, more than life itself. Jennifer was adopted by my parents and raised as my sister. No, she could never take Pam's place, but she sure does look like her. Jennifer is married to a Baptist Minister and they have four children now. Pam would have four grandchildren who are absolutely beautiful, three boys and a baby girl. I know she would be so proud of Jennifer and her life. But, she was taken from us at the age of 20, by a monster originally charged with Capital Felony Murder, but plea bargained with the state of Arkansas and was able to get a reduced sentence to 1st degree murder.

But you know what is more important than all of this, we know that Pam is in a better place and God will take care of those she left behind, because God is in Control!!!

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Pamela Walker