Norman G. Toppel
18 Years Old

August 21, 1971 to March 27, 1990

Normie was a happy baby. He always carried his pacifier wherever he went. He loved the outdoors. We had a pool in our yard since he was very small. On Norm's first day of school, he couldn't wait to go. When we went to school the bell rang, and Normie started crying, "I don't want to go Mom. I want to go home with you." I told Normie you have to go to school and learn, there are a lot of things out there. He hung on my legs and wouldn't let go. He screamed all the way in. The teacher took Normie to play with the other children and I slipped out quietly. This lasted about a week and then he came to enjoy school.

When Normie's brother was born he looked over him with pride. When they grew up, they had their little fights, but they were very close. They always looked after one another. Their favorite games were Sorry, Clue, Life, Monopoly and cards. Normie had a thing for chocolate chip cookies. I would bake them in the morning and he would hide them. He would come home from school around 3:30 in the afternoon and smell the cookies I had baked. He would find the cookies no matter where I hid them. He had a nose for those cookies. He loved holidays and family get together.

Normie was a very handsome guy. He was a true ladies man. He had them eating out of his hand. Normie was a fun loving guy. He was well liked by both teachers and students in grammar school and high school. Normie lived life to the fullest. Normie had problems like all teens, he was no angel. Kids are not perfect, Normie had his odd ways like any other teen.

In his junior year he worked at Shop-N-Bag. After high school, he worked with his father doing flooring. Normie had a lot of friends, they played a big part in his life and death. My children were my life and a big part of that is gone. Normie lives on in me no matter where I go or do. Normie was a fun-loving child and young man. Normie will always be remembered in our hearts, he will never be forgotten.

On March 24, 1990, Normie went out on a Saturday evening with a few friends. He was shot while driving his car supposedly. Norm was stopped at a red light and three black men across the street pulled out a gun and shot at the car. Norm was hit and one of the boys in the front seat drove the car, with one hand on the wheel and one foot on the peddle, he drove ten blocks and flagged down a bus to get help. The bus driver called his control center to get help. As the bus driver called, the two boys went out of the bus, went to the car and took things out of it, placed the things under a tree and was leaving. The bus driver said, "Where are you going?" and the boys responded, "We don't want to get in trouble with the police." The police came before they could walk away. Normie was taken to the hospital where he died three days later. The hospital and the wake was very hard on my family and I.

There were a few stories about how Norm was killed. But nothing became of them. This case is still open. There was no one charged for the murder of Norman G. Toppel, Jr.


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Norman G. Toppel