Neil Kevin Ryan
24 Years Old

October 17, 1963 to October 22, 1987

Neil Kevin Ryan, of Penacook, New Hampshire, was a very thoughtful, dedicated and caring person who enjoyed life and people. Neil, who was called "Cap" (short for Captain) was constantly helping someone and was always there for family and friends when they needed him. He especially loved children and looked forward to the day when he would have his own family.

Neil was an exterior house painter and had started his own business about six months prior to his death. He enjoyed this type of work, as it gave him the opportunity to work outdoors. Neil was determined to build his business into one of the best.

Neil also enjoyed working on his truck, motorcycle and snowmobile. He loved the outdoors, taking trips and camping, and the opportunity to meet new people that these trips offered. His favorite food was any kind of junk food, but number one would have to be pizza with the works. Neil was the fifth child of six children and is survived by his parents, one older brother, and four sisters. As a son, a brother, and a friend, Neil was the best!

Neil Kevin Ryan was murdered in Concord, New Hampshire, on October 22, 1987. Neil had just turned 24 on October 17 - a very proud young man he was. Whatever he did was done well.


On the eve of October 22, 1987, he was shot for $50.00. He had two other young men with him - one was shot twice and managed to live, the other got away with no injury.

The worst part of this murder is that I, as a mother, followed this murder on the scanner. I had a feeling it was my son as he was late coming home from dinner that night and the description of the truck led me to believe it was Neil.

When my daughter arrived home and wanted to know what was happening not far from her work, I said "A murder - your brother is not home." She said, "These things don't happen to us." The detectives arrived at our home by 10:00 pm. It did happen to us.

The day we laid Neil to rest, the animal was arrested and is in prison for life.

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Neil Ryan