Nancy Lucille Godbey
42 Years Old

August 21, 1944 to April 18, 1987

Nancy Lucille Godbey of Sycamore, Florida, was a wonderful, kind person who was loved by everyone who knew her. She worked in Naples Hospital for many years as an assistant to the Radiologist there. She had one child, Angela Goodie, and two grandchildren, Christine and Michelle. We all miss her dreadfully! She is greatly missed by her sister Diane, brothers Stephen and Timothy Ross. Five years after Nancy's murder, her father, who could not handle Nancy's murder, passed away.


Nancy was murdered on April 18, 1987. She was found dead in her bed. She had a severe blow to the head and was stabbed directly in the heart. She was murdered in an apartment on the west side of Miami.

Nancy's murder is unsolved.

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