Nan Barnard Doyle
43 Years Old

February 18, 1946 to July 18, 1989

Nan Barnard Doyle from Eden, North Carolina was an outstanding student. She graduated from Wentworth High School where she was recognized by the National Beta Club and Olivetti Underwood’s Award of Merit. Nan also attended King’s Business College. She owned and operated her own business for 15 years; first as “The Book and Card Shop” and later as “Nan’s Hallmark Shop.”

In addition to assisting in the MIA and POW Programs by “Americans Who Care,” Nan worked with merchants in the Meadow Greens Shopping Center, sponsoring annual arts and crafts shows.

Nan was first in her hometown to sell helium balloons, delivering them for special occasions, promotion, advertising, etc.

Nan, who enjoyed knitting, decorating her house, cooking and doll collecting, was also a member of Wentworth United Methodist Church.

Nan was a pet lover and left-behind her silky terrier Duffy and her cat Cinder.

Nan is survived by her mother Rebecca C. Barnard from Eden, North Carolina and her father John W. Barnard from Greensboro, North Carolina.


On July 18th, 1989, Nan Barnard Doyle, 43, from Eden, North Carolina was kidnapped from her business, “Nan’s Hallmark Shop,” during an armed robbery.

After robbing the store and abducting Nan, Mark Soyars and Billy Campbell drove to an abandoned farmhouse. Campbell waited in his car while Soyars took Nan into the farmhouse where he beat her and used Campbell’s gun to shoot her three times in the head and neck.

Nan’s body was found a week later on July 25th, 1989.

The Death Penalty was sought for Soyars and Campbell but they were sentenced to Life in prison.

In 1991, Soyars was tried in Wentworth, North Carolina for other crimes that were pending. He was convicted of Eight Counts of Forgery and Uttering and received a sentence of 38 years and five years for Probations, etc.

According to court documents, Soyars was also ordered to pay $2800 in restitution to several area businesses.

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Nan Doyle