Morris V. Davis, Jr.
23 Years Old

February 22, 1962 to April 5, 1985

Morris lived at Great Falls, Montana and was a graduate of Great Falls High School.

Enjoying any outdoor activity, Morris was an avid sportsman. He loved to fish and hunt. He always got a deer the first day with one shot. He hunted with a muzzle-loader he put together. Morris still got a deer with one shot on the first day.

Morris loved car racing and worked on a pit-crew at the race track. He longed to have his own car and race at Indianapolis. Morris was a great mechanic and could fix nearly anything on a vehicle.

Morris had just learned to snow ski and loved to ice skate and play hockey.

Missouri River Sunshine, a golden lab, was Morris’ true love. “Shiner” was always at Morris’ side and rode in the back of his big red truck. Morris had gotten Shiner when she was a puppy. She was four when he died.

Morris is survived by his brother Clifford Wayne, his mother Delnita and his father Morris.

We loved Morris a lot...he is greatly missed.


April 5th, 1985 was Good Friday. Morris was delivering pizzas for a local restaurant. He went to what turned-out to be a vacant house.

Morris was found at 11PM by another delivery person who was sent to look for Morris. The police and ambulance were called. Morris’ younger brother Clifford responded to the ambulance call.

As Clifford entered the house, he saw cowboy boots and realized Morris was the victim.

Morris had been shot nine times. He had been robbed of the pizza money.

The murder is unsolved.

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Morris Davis