Michael K. Nagel
40 Years Old

November 2, 1956 to November 8, 1996

Michael attended Aviation High School and EL Camino College in California. He was a lover of drama and the world of writing. His hobbies were music, books and movies. He enjoyed writing novels and short stories alone and with his friends. He would see a movie two or three times a week. He even managed a bookstore so he could be around the things he loved the most and tragically lost his life doing what he loved. He will be loved and missed forever.

Michael Nagel was murdered on November 8, 1996 during a robbery at Super Crown Book Store in Santa Monica, California. Around 8:45 pm, a man walked into the store, followed Michael to the back room where he robbed and shot Michael in cold blood. The murder is unsolved at this time.


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Michael K. Nagel