Michael Joseph Loughrey
29 Years Old

July 11, 1954 to October 17, 1983

Michael was born July 11, 1954 at Hamilton AFB in San Rafel, California. He graduated from Aurora Central High School in Aurora, Colorado in 1972.

He worked at Meadow Hills Golf Course before starting his own landscaping and sprinkler system company called "Colorado Water Works".


Michael disappeared from his apartment on October 17, 1983 and was missing almost seven months before his body was found in an open field by a surveyor for a construction company. He had been shot four times.

There was a prime suspect in his murder, but he was never charged due to lack of evidence.

Michael was an avid mountain climber, snow and water skiier, and often went camping and hiking, so his ashes are scattered in the Rocky Mountains that he loved so much. He has three sisters, Theresa, Joan and Regina who miss him very much.

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Michael Laughrey