Michael Edward Duran, Jr.
22 Years Old

July 1, 1961 to September 28, 1983

Michael Duran, Jr., of Lakewood, Colorado, was in the Cub Scouts, and his mother was his Den Mother. He attended parochial school until the 8th grade, when he continued his education at public schools until he graduated from Lincoln Senior High School.

After he graduated, he went to work with his father in the construction business and was very successful. He was a very hard-working son and very close to his family. The memories his family has of time spent with him are very fun and special; going out to dinner at nice restaurants or just everyday life.

Some of his hobbies included skiing, swimming, bowling, golfing, hunting and fishing. He loved adventure and would always challenge himself at anything and not feel ashamed if he failed.

Michael was a giving person and gave unconditional love to others. He always put others before himself and had many friends because of his generosity.

Michael would have been a great uncle to his two nephews and two nieces. They will be reminded of what a wonderful person he was by his three sisters, mom and dad. He was just starting life at age 22. Michael is missed by his dad, Mike; mother Ciria; and sisters, Romina, Rona and Marizza.


Michael Duran, Jr., 22, of Lakewood, Colorado, was murdered because he was playing music too loud. Luke Bradshaw, a 39-year-old groundskeeper, threatened Michael about 5:00 pm and shot him around 8:30 pm.

Luke Bradshaw was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to four to eight years in prison. After serving just 18 months (the last few months in a work-release program/half-way house), he is out of prison.

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Michael Duran