Michael Scott Barg
39 Years Old

July 13, 1956 to October 14, 1995

Michael Barg, of Boston, Massachusetts, was the kindest, most caring, loving and "good" human being I have ever known. Everyone who knew him well or was just an acquaintance told me how "touched" they were just to be in Mike's presence. He was truly God's angel on earth.

Michael's hometown was Niskayuna, New York. He was an excellent student and a very talented athlete. When he was in college, he was scouted for the "major leagues" in baseball. He was an outstanding outfielder and a voracious reader. Michael was going to start law school in January of 1996. Unfortunately, he was murdered before that date.

Michael loved children and was a "Big Brother" while in college. He continued as a "Big Brother" for many years. He coached and tutored underprivileged children and helped them to believe in themselves.

He was a father, brother and best friend to his younger brother, Joshua, and was extremely close to his sister Cindy and his two young nieces. Michael exuded grace and charm and always gave of himself. God blessed me, his brother and sister, and all who knew him with his presence. I am so grateful to God that he chose me to be his mother.

Michael would always say to us "I love you infinity, and whenever you think of me, put a smile on your face." We will Mike, we will. We love you "infinity" Michael!


Michael Barg, 39, of Boston, Massachusetts, was killed by a stranger as he was sleeping. Mike awoke to find that he was being "desecrated" with a Samuri Sword. At that instant, he became aware of the final moments in his life.

Gerald Casey was immediately apprehended and was awaiting trial as of January 1997.

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Michael Barg