Meredith Ellen Miller
23 Years Old

July 20, 1971 to October 17, 1994

Meredith was 23 years old when she was murdered. She was attending graduate school at the George Washington University School of Political Management as about eight weeks into her first semester. She was a cum laude graduate of Princeton University in 1993. Her parents, Jeffrey and Nancy, and her brother Larry, survive her. She was a politically active young woman working for Emily's List at the time of her death. This is an organization to help promote election of pro-choice democratic candidates, primarily female. She had a boyfriend with whom she was quite serious, and they had discussed marriage. She had made the decision, however, not to go into politics, but into Woman's Studies instead, hoping to get her Ph.D.


Meredith Ellen Miller was carjacked on October 17, 1993 at about 11:30 pm returning to her apartment from a study group from graduate school. She was dragged back to her car and was shot in the back while trying to escape from the car. There were two men involved. One man was picked up in her car within a couple of hours, the other a couple of days later. They have both been convicted to three consecutive life sentences plus. But, according to Virginia law, one convict will be eligible for parole in 2011. If the murder had taken place three months later, neither would ever get parole. neither man was a repeat offender, although the younger man had been in some trouble. The younger man is Antonia Haggins and the older man (the shooter, though less culpable), is David Lee.

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