Maureen Rose McIlmurray
16 Years Old

July 17, 1970 to February 14, 1987

Maureen McImurray from Babylon, New York was the oldest of six children: Patrick, 15; Michael, 14; Jennifer, 14; Kevin, six and Kelly, four.

Maureen was beautiful as-well-as quiet and shy.

Maureen was in her third year in high school. She babysat children, especially Kevin and Kelly.

Four months before Maureen died, her grandmother, who lived with the family, died. Her 50 year old aunt died of cancer three months before Maureen.

Maureen loved her family very much but at 16, her friends were very important to her. She was always “there” for them as they were for her. At the end, that is who was with her when she took her last breath. Even though Maureen wanted to go home to her family, she never made it. She died in the arms of her best friend Jo Anne.

The girl and the parents were found not guilty.


Maureen McIlmurray, 16, from North Babylon, New York went to a party with her friends.

A girl started a fight with her friend and Maureen said “Leave me alone. You don’t even know her.” the girl asked Maureen if she wanted to fight and Maureen said “No, I don’t fight with anybody."

The girl punched Maureen in the face, knocking her to the ground. Maureen’s head hit the concrete and the girl kept kicking her and pulled-off Maureen’s jewelry. Maureen was helped-up and said “I don’t need this. I’m getting my jacket and going home.”

As Maureen walked toward the house, the girl yelled at her “I’m going to kill you, Maureen! I’m going to kill you.”

The girl knocked Maureen to the ground again, causing Maureen to hit her head on the trunk of a tree.

The girl was pulled-off of Maureen and carried into the house. She was still yelling that she was going to kill Maureen. Maureen was helped-up and started crying “Why did she do this to me? I never hurt anybody.”

Maureen then collapsed and died.

The parents who hosted the party would not let anyone call an ambulance or the police because they were serving alcohol and allowed underage drinking. They knew they would be in trouble. The father said “Get her out of here. I want no trouble.”

When no one touched Maureen, the father threw her into a car and her friends rushed her to the hospital.

It was too late…

Maureen died from a brain concussion.

The girl and the parents were found not guilty…..

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Maureen McIlnurray