Matthew Charles Blek
21 Years Old

August 29, 1972 to June 29, 1994

Matthew Blek, of Mission Viejo, California, was a talented athlete, musician and scholar who enjoyed hiking and the outdoors, playing the guitar and violin, and was majoring in honors physics and math.

Most of all, Matthew was a warm and caring person who had a bright and promising future - a future cut short by senseless gun violence.


In June of 1994, Matthew Blek was working at a summer job in New York City, with plans to return to California in the fall for his senior year of college. One evening as he and a girlfriend were walking home from a date, they were confronted by three armed teenagers. Although he offered no resistance, Matthew was shot and killed. The youths were murdered Matthew were armed with Saturday Night Specials - cheap and easily obtained handguns, many of which are made in the very place Matthew called home: Orange County, California.

Joseph Lee was convicted of murder and sentenced to nine years to life. The two other teens pleaded guilty to manslaughter (Man-one) and were sentenced to 3 and 1/2 to 10 years in prison.

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Matthew Blek