Mary Christine Huser
19 Years Old

August 3, 1967 to June 16, 1987

Our daughter Christy was a joy from the day she was born. She was beautiful with blonde hair, blue eyes, at 5' 3" tall and 115 pounds. She had won several art awards during her years in school and was also a very talented piano player. She had several friends and loved tennis, swimming, and dancing.

Christy had just finished her first year of college and was switching from Psychology to becoming an R.N. She was to start nursing school in August, 1987.

Christy had a younger sister Angie (16), and a younger brother Tony (13). They were all very close.

Christy had worked as a babysitter during her younger years for neighbors and when she got her driver's license, she worked at Burger King and Lazarus in sales. At the time of her death, she was a counselor at a weight loss clinic.

Christy was always happy and attracted people with her smile. She was a typical teenager going to proms, and parties. She had a boyfriend throughout high school but he had to move to Texas. She was dating a very nice guy at the time of her death. He, of course, was heartbroken as we all were.

Christy was the first grandchild and niece and our first child. She was so special and loved. She would take her Grandmother to the grocery, clean her apartment and just spend time with her.

Christy lived at home when she was taken from us. The house was and still is very empty without her. She is always on my mind, the first thought in the morning and the last thought at night.


On June 16, 1987, our world was changed forever. The day started out beautifully, sunny skies, hot and humid. My husband was out of town and I was going to work. Our daughter Angie was off to Kings Island and our son Tony was staying around the house with Christy, our oldest daughter, and hanging out with his friends.

Christy left around 1:00 in the afternoon to take her boyfriend Tim to work and was to come straight home. What took place after that we will never know. She was found later that evening with a gunshot wound to her chest in a weeded, wooded area in back of a trailer park.

Scott Cornwell, the murderer, was the nephew of a family friend of ours. He was 16 at the time and seemed like an unlikely killer. He said it was an accident and called police and led them to her body. I was informed around 11:30 that evening as was her boyfriend Tim, when she did not return to pick him up at work. He called and came over to my house. We went to the Florence police station and were informed of the details. Bill Coyle, age 25, was also involved. He had taken Tim's car and the gun and hidden them. Scott plea-bargained and gave them Bill's name and address and he was charged as a juvenile and only sent to prison until his 18th birthday. Since juvenile records are not opened, Scott is free today, living in Dayton, Kentucky with a clean record.

Bill served 5 years in prison for tampering with evidence and he also is free today and lives in Florence, Kentucky.

The justice system failed us. The Boone County prosecutor, Willie Mathis, was friends with Scott's mother and stepfather and was never on our side. Thank goodness this is his last year in office. We were never informed of the plea agreement, of parole hearings, or of any other matter. Our phone calls were not returned and we, like everyone else, read about it in the newspapers or heard it on TV. Justice was NOT served!

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Mary Huser