Marsha Prestero Whitney
42 Years Old

July 10, 1950 to March 15, 1993

Marsha Whitney, of Fort White, Florida, was handicapped due to two rear-end auto accidents. Prior to the accidents, she was a bird breeder, so she designed play toys for the exotic birds.

Marsha was the third of seven children.


Marsha Whitney, 42, of Fort White, Florida, was killed by a man she considered the son she never had. Marsha designed play toys for exotic birds. Her husband, Bruce, took the toys to pet stores to try to get them to purchase the toys. At one of the stores, he met Michael Ellis, who was out of work and had no where to live. Bruce invited Michael to live with them and learn the business. Marsha and Michael got along well. One day when Bruce took his van to be repaired, Michael took a gun from the office and shot Marsha through the upper torso. When she fell, he shot her in the base of the spine at point-blank range. Michael then took the car and gun, and the phone off the wall. The car was found that same night. The police found Michael the next day.

Michael Ellis was convicted of murder one, theft of a firearm, theft of a vehicle and habitual offender. He was sentenced to a mandatory 42 years in prison. Ellis also faces felony charges in Texas.

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