Mark Ledford
21 Years Old

March 7, 1963 to April 27, 1984

Mark Ledford from Tulsa, Oklahoma was a very friendly, loving person. He loved life and enjoyed anything he did.

Mark was a very smart person. He was carrying a 4.0 average as a junior at Oklahoma State University. He had just won a scholarship to study his senior year in college at the University of Walls. Mark was to leave in August but was murdered in April so he never got to fulfill his dream. He was majoring in Political Science. He wanted to go into some type of government job or politics.

Mark had goals set for his life and we know he would have achieved them if his life had not been cut-short.


Mark’s murder is solved.

Three boys took Mark out and murdered him. Two of the boys turned state’s evidence so they could get off. The one who actually did the shooting was put in prison. He has served 15 years. He is eligible for parole.

They did not have Life Without Parole when the murderer was going through the trial.

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Mark Ledford