Marcus W. Maddox
18 Years Old

August 23, 1972 to June 26, 1991

Marcus W. "Mark" Maddox, aged 18 years at the time of his murder, was a quiet young man. His height of 6' 3" helped him in his favorite sports of basketball and 2 man volleyball. He was considering going semi-professional in the sport of "beach" volleyball at the time of his murder. Mark was a good artist and liked to draw and paint. He also liked to assemble models of cars and was interested in "muscle" cars like the "BOSS" Mustang. Mark was a considerate individual and his favorite cooked vegetable was fried okra. Mark was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in the U.S. Army Hospital, the third son of Monika F. and Billy E. Maddox, who was a Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army. Mark was a very fast learner and mastered anything quickly when he wanted to. He learned to ride a bicycle before he could walk and slipped away from home and rode his tricycle to the shopping mall where he parked it in a slot and crawled inside the mall. The German police brought him to the housing area and held him up and asked if he belonged to anyone. They were amazed that he could ride a tricycle and could not walk or talk much.

Mark was a joy to his parents and his two brothers loved him very much.

He is missed more than there are drops of water in the ocean. Our lives go on, but lack Mark's love and presence. No greater wrong could have been done to his family than the murder of Mark.


On June 25, 1991, the mother of Marcus W. "Mark" Maddox bailed a young man out of jail. The young man was reported to have a baby daughter and wanted to go home to be with his daughter and was in jail for stealing $500.00 of Christmas money from his foster parents. The release of the murderer, Macarthur Rayman, was delayed and the mother came home. Mark went back to the jail to pick the individual up. He was supposed to take the murderer to his foster Grandparents home. When Mark failed to return home, the older brother was sent to look for him. Not finding Mark, his older brother went to the home of the middle son to use the phone to call some of Mark's friends to see if he was there. The body of Marcus was discovered in a hall closet, covered with a blanket from one of the beds. He had been shot in the left shoulder from the rear, at point blank range. He was also shot two times in the right temple, either of which would have ended his life.

The murderer stole the money from Marcus' pocket, as he had just been paid that day, and the keys to his car. He was apprehended due to the car, which he had wrecked.

It is unclear why Macarthur Rayman murdered Mark. We think he wanted to get to his biological mother in California and took Mark's money and car. He told the police several tales, including the fact that "a large black man came into the house and murdered Mark". The police said he had five other tales, none of which they believed.

Macarthur Rayman had a plea bargain and pled guilty to second degree murder and unauthorized use of vehicle (down from first degree murder and grand theft auto). In addition, there were 22 counts of breaking and entering, and robbery, and one count of arson. In addition, there was a second count of arson as he set fire to the County Detention Center while he was awaiting sentencing. He received 9 years in prison followed by 15 years suspended sentence. He is presently incarcerated in the Maryland State Correctional Facility in Hagerstown, MD. His application for parole in May, 1997 was denied and he will serve the full 9 years in prison.

To our knowledge, Rayman is not a repeat offender.

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