Marc F.G. Walker
19 Years Old

January 28, 1967


Antoine H.G. Walker
29 years old

November 13, 1964 to December 31, 1993

I thank God for giving me two fine, intelligent sons. I just wish that I had been able to find shields strong enough to protect them from the harshness and injustices of this world. I'm grateful that neither of them will have to battle with cruelty and corruption again. There is some small comfort in that, but there is great sorrow in knowing how much they suffered, in knowing how they were both robbed of experiencing the joys of marriage, parenthood and special friendships which grow stronger with maturity.

Antoine and Marc were compassionate. They accepted people as they were, and in so doing, they perpetually prodded my conscience, and helped me become more compassionate. They also helped me remain honest with others and be true to myself. They taught me about responsibility, unconditional love and other duties of the heart. I'm grateful to Antoine and Marc for the lessons they taught me, the strength they found to bear their many burdens, and the help they often gave me to carry mine. I'm grateful to them for the love they gave and the many gifts they shared.

I love you, and miss you, Antoine and Marc, my sons with broken wings. Adieu and Shalom. May God bless you, my sons, and enfold you in His warm and loving light of peace.


Around 8:00 pm on May 1, 1986, Marc left our Durham home to go for a walk. By 9:30, his brother, Tony, and I became very worried when he did not return home or call. We began searching the area near our home that evening, and then reported Marc missing early the next morning. Twenty days later, Marc's badly decomposed body was found floating beneath the dock in front of the Portsmouth Yacht Club in New Castle, N.H. Half of his clothes and both of his sneakers were missing. He had cracked ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a fractured wrist. His 13 front teeth had been knocked out.

Marc's murder remains a mystery to this day, in great part due to shoddy police work. Most of the evidence linking any specific perpetrators to his murder was likely washed away with the five consecutive days of rain that followed it, and the little that may have remained was more than likely destroyed during the twenty consecutive days Marc's body tossed around in the ocean's current.

Antoine was asked to leave the restaurant where he worked as a chef on the morning of December 31, 1993 because he suddenly appeared intoxicated. He then went to a "friend's" house, vomited over her porch railing, and then allegedly told her he had ingested a half a bottle of antifreeze the night before. She had him wait on her porch while she called for a cab to take him to an AA Meeting at an alcohol free club near her house. Then she called the N.H. Poison Control Center, was told that Antoine could die within a few hours without proper treatment, and did nothing to get him the medical assistance he needed.

Antoine was so ill by 11:30 am that he could no longer see clearly and began bumping into walls at the club. Then he was forced out of the AA Meeting into the cold. Around noon, Antoine asked an AA Member who had occasionally given him rides home from Seacoast Area AA Meetings before for help. This man took Antoine to Maine, instead of bringing him home or to a hospital, and left him in his van while he and one of his buddies helped his brother move. When Antoine got out of the van and tried to start walking home, someone called the South Berwick Police Department who did nothing to help. By 3:00 pm, Antoine allegedly became unconscious, but this "friend" waited another 10 hours before bringing him to the hospital.

Tony was finally brought to the Frisbie Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room in Rochester, N.H. at 1:05 am on January 1, 1994. By then he was severely hypothermic with a body temperature of only 74°. It soon became clear that he had died several hours before from cardiopulmonary arrest which had been caused by untreated ethylene glycol intoxication.

No charges have been brought against anyone in the matter of Antoine's death. There is no excuse for his "friends" behavior. They should be arrested, charged, convicted, and held accountable for causing my son's death.

If my beloved sons stories enlighten some other parent, doctor, lawyer, educator, politician, journalist, clergy or judge about solutions to the problems our youth must wrestle with, then my mission will be done.

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Marc Walker