Luis Miguel Pastor
"Miguelito Gallegos"
18 Years Old

January 17, 1964 to June 19, 1982

Luis Miguel Pastor of Lima-Peru was a happy boy who had decent honest parents. He has a brother and four stepbrothers and sisters. Luis studied at Manuel Pardo, a catholic school, in Chiclayo, Peru. He then went to military school. Luis came to Florida in 1979 and went to American Heritage School. He enjoyed imitating sports commentators. A few weeks before his death he saved a girl from drowning.

He liked to sing very old songs with his brother Carlos and his mother Rosarigalle. He enjoyed dancing and was pretty good at it. He was very popular with his friends. Luis was a good person and a loveable man.

Luis was working at a hotel in Hollywood Beach. Joseph Della Quilla was with his girlfriend vacationing there. Joseph had beaten his girlfriend. Luis was in the hotel's office when the girl came in holding her nose, asking for help. Luis broke up the fight. He gave the girl first aid and Joseph became upset. Joseph and an accomplice broke into Luis's room while he was sleeping and stabbed him 27 times. They broke all of his bones with iron weights. They also mutilated him. Joseph showed up at Luis's funeral and gave Luis's mother, Rosario, his condolences and went back to Brooklyn.

Joseph served only 4 and 1/2 years of a 10 year sentence for killing Luis in the most horrible manner that any human being can imagine. Joseph is walking around Brooklyn enjoying his life while a mother grieves for her son.

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Luis Miguel Pastor