Lori Ann Roscetti
23 Years Old

July 28, 1963 to October 18, 1986

Lori Ann Roscetti was born July 28, 1963 in Springfield, Illinois. She had a father; John, mother; Lora, a sister; Suzanna M. Rose, and four brothers; Dennis, John Richard, Gregory and Thomas. She went to Little Flower Parochial School and Springfield Southeast High School.

Our family wasn't rich so Lori started working at age 15 for a bagel shop. Later, she worked for a women's clothing store, and a local grocery store.

Lori won top honors in grade and high school. She went to Lincoln Land Community College on a scholarship. After her second year, she spent a summer in Tucson, Arizona to take one course and to visit her sister, who lived in Tucson.

In her third year, she went to the University of Illinois at Champaign. At graduation she was awarded the "Bronze Tablet." She had all A's through college except for one B.

Lori was accepted at Rush Medical School and lived with another student in a third floor apartment off campus. She liked Rush because they provided a shuttle bus that would take her home late at night if she stayed at school to study. They discontinued that service her second year so she had to drive her car when staying late.

Lori was always concerned about her studies. Even in first grade, she would worry if she stayed home sick for one day. She broke her arm in sixth grade, but other than that, was very healthy. She liked junk food but tried very hard to eat sensibly to keep a normal weight.

She liked to travel. We would go camping when she was younger. Later she took a trip to California on a train to see her Aunt. A few months before her death, she flew to Europe to visit her brother Greg who was in the service. About six weeks before her death, Tom and I went to visit her and she showed us around Chicago. That was the last time we saw her alive.

Lori was a warm, compassionate person who tried to help others solve their problems. She would inspire them to do their best. Lori liked cute little animals on greeting cards and she preferred pastel colors. Lori was my best friend, also. Her death changed our lives forever.


Lori Roscetti was a medical student at Rush Medical School in Chicago studying to be a doctor. She lived about six blocks from the school. On October 18, 1986, she studied late at school. About 1:30 a.m., another student accompanied her to her car for safety. She dropped him off at his door and left for her apartment. But Lori never made it to her apartment. She was found beaten, raped, stabbed and her face broken with a cement block.

Lori Roscetti's case was solved in 2002. Four men convicted wrongfully in 1988. Then the 2 real killers found in 2002.

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Lori Roscetti