Linda Sue Dearth
13 Years Old

November 21, 1959 to January 25, 1973

Linda Dearth, of Brookville, Ohio was a wonderful daughter. We could not have asked for anyone so kind, generous, fun loving and full of life. Linda loved animals and children. Linda was active in her Church group, also in school activities. Linda had just mastered playing the clarinet and was to perform the following day that she was murdered. Linda was also into tap dancing and was into doing ceramics.


On January 25, 1973 someone came to our house. Linda was home from school that day as they had cancelled it for President Johnson’s funeral. We are not sure if she answered the door or if they came in on their own. Linda was raped and shot 3 times in the head. We had a very protective dalmatian and he was locked in our basement and kicked. How someone could do this to such a sweet innocent girl is beyond me.

On January 13, 1973, a mother and her two children were murdered. We were told the same gun was used at that place. Her name was Gloria Buck.

This is an unsolved murder and I hope and pray that while I am still alive that I can see justice for the person that did this horrific crime.

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Linda Dearth