Lesa Buckley
20 Years Old

September 23, 1969 to July 8, 1990

Lesa M. Buckley graduated from National Trail High School near New Paris, Ohio.

Lesa worked at Cedar Springs Care Center doing all their computer work. Cedar Springs Facility cared for mentally-challenged people. Lesa was afraid to begin her job but after she started, she fell in love with the residents.

In September of the same year Lesa was murdered, she had planned to go to school to help mentally-challenged people.

Lesa left her brother Jason who misses her tremendously. He has a lot of problems dealing with her death. Lesa left two sisters Christy Buckley and Cindy Adams, along with three nieces who adored her so much. Lesa had a nephew Jordan Buckley. Lesa left her Mom and Dad Jim and Mary Buckley who loves her so much and miss her smile. I always say “Lesa, we love you, honey. Keep your wondrous beam of light on our minds, hearts and souls.”

Lesa was very happy, always smiling and loved life. She was my Gift from Above.

Until you walk in the shoes, the hole is always in your heart and will never close.

So much more could be said but the words just can not be written, other than that the loss is so great.


Billy Lee Scott murdered Lesa in July, 1990.

Scott was found guilty on February 14th, 1992.

Billy Lee Scott shot three men, killing two of them in April, 1991. After that killing, people felt more comfortable talking about Lesa’s death.

Scott received seven to 15 years with a three year Gun Specification.

In Lesa’s case, Scott received 15 to Life for Murder and seven to 15 years for two Counts of Rape.

Scott is at Ross Corrections. His first possible parole hearing is March 2008.

God forbid Scott ever walks-out of prison.

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