Laurel Susan Grams-Rau
29 Years Old

August 4, 1960 to October 25, 1989

Laurel Grans-Rau was originally from Kent, Washington. Generally speaking, she was like all murder victims, she didn't deserve to have her life taken.

This is really the only "personal fact" that I believe I can address here. And I believe it is a "universal fact." For it is not the other "fact" that made Laurie who she was. Her essence was there from birth. And anyway, how would I describe the filling of this room from her laughter? Or the ways in which she challenged me to be a better person than I ever thought I could be?

Laurie was a gift from the heavens and even though her spirit and her essence remain with me through my memories, and in my heart, I cannot escape the reality that she was stolen from me, and from all of us who loved her.


Laurel Grams-Rau, 29, originally from Kent, Washington, was found in the trunk of her car across the street from her place of employment. She had been shot six times - from the trunk of her body upward to her head, with the last shot being to her temple. She was shot execution style.

One person was charged and acquitted of her murder.

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