LaMont Edward Plain
14 Years Old

October 18, 1974 to February 5, 1989

LaMont Edward Plain was born to Judy and Eddie Plain on October 18th, 1974 in St. Louis, Missouri. He was the youngest of three children and his parent’s only son.

LaMont was an Eighth Grade Student at Simmons Middle School.

Even though LaMont was not Catholic, he belonged to the Youth Group at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church near his home. He attended church every Sunday and stayed for noon activities.

LaMont loved music, swimming and hanging-out with his friends.

LaMont was a child who always had a smile and nice “Hello” for everyone.


LaMont suddenly lost his life on February 5th, 1989.

LaMont and two friends were hanging-out on the back porch of one friend’s home on a Saturday night. They had a .22 Caliber Pistol that no one ever found. To the boys, the gun was not a weapon. They were shooting in the air for fun.

The last bullet hit LaMont in the side of the head. He was killed instantly.

Police learned later that LaMont’s friends, ages 14 and 15, panicked. They went back and cleaned the blood from the porch with paper towels.

LaMont’s mother found him the next day about 11AM when she had a hunch and looked for him in the dumpster.

LaMont’s family never found closure.

Why did this terrible tragedy happen? Questions were never answered properly. The answers they were given constantly changed.

LaMont was at a friend’s home four houses from his own with people he grew-up with and who he went to school.

We often wondered why they did not call for help or an ambulance, or even go four doors down the street to tell his family. We never got a straight answer.

Since the boys were juveniles, the files were closed and the case was ruled as Accidental Death.

LaMont’s family was and still is heartbroken...our lives will never be the same...

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