Kyle J. Gulledge
38 Years Old

December 22, 1958 to January 6, 1997

Kyle Gulledge of Excelsior Springs, Missouri was born in Ogden, Utah. When he was a year old, his family moved to Kansas City, Missouri where Kyle and his two siblings were raised.

Kyle graduated from Ruskin High School and was married soon after. The marriage produced a son, Bryan Gulledge.

It was Kyle’s dream to own a farm where he could have his horses and a place to hunt and fish. When their home in North Kansas City burned-down, Kyle and his wife found 45 acres outside Excelsior Springs that they purchased.

Kyle was content with his new home and spent his spare time riding his horse, fishing in their pond, nearby rivers and streams and hunting with his German Shorthair dogs.

Kyle’s wife was not content and the marriage ended in divorce. Kyle was awarded the home and custody of their son. After a few years, Bryan decided he would like to try living with his mother, so he moved to her home and Kyle was left alone.

Kyle worked for Hobart Manufacturing (now PMI Food Equipment) for 13 years; the last year as a supervisor. His employment there was terminated six months before his death. He was unemployed at the time of his death.


On January 6, 1997, Kyle Gulledge stood in his kitchen preparing dinner when he was shot with a rifle through the front door window. He was struck in the back with the bullet passing through his lungs and heart. Death was instantaneous.

After trying several days to contact Kyle, his sister, nephew and two friends went to his home to check on him. The nephew saw him on the kitchen floor. Obviously, Kyle was dead.

Kyle had fought with his girlfriend Angela Gillis and she moved out three weeks prior to the murder. She moved in with two men; Scott Abel and Richard Duckworth. She told them of her problems with Kyle and the three decided “he would pay.” They plotted his murder in the presence of a friend of Angela’s. She left her four year old daughter with a friend, stole the rifle from a pick-up truck, then drove to Kyle’s house to kill him. Duckworth was the shooter while the others looked on. Afterwards, they collected Angela’s daughter and fled to California. They were arrested after Abel contacted his girlfriend for money and their location was learned.

They were all charged with First-Degree Murder but all subsequently pled guilty to Second-Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action.

Duckworth received two 30 year terms for Murder and Armed Criminal Action. Angela was sentenced to two 28 year terms and Abel to 20 years.

All three must serve 85 percent of their terms before being eligible for parole.

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Kyle Gulledge