Kimberly Ann Marie Rash (Kim)
19 Years Old

July 27, 1968 to May 10, 1988

Kim Rash, of Kansas City, Missouri, was a beautiful, healthy, active and spirited child, very out-going and loving as well. She had her usual ups and downs, scrapes and bruises that a kiss and a hug could make all better - until she became a teenager. Her mother's little innocent child was gone and in her place stood a young girl always searching and running to or from what her mother will never know. She left behind a son and a daughter (Damon and Amy), both babies when their mother was murdered and who I am now raising. She also left a brother who misses her deeply. She was far more than just a prostitute to us.


Kim Rash, 19, of Kansas City, Missouri, disappeared March 26, 1988. Her body, along with two other young girls', was found in the Missouri River during a four-day period (May 7 to May 10, 1988). Their deaths were linked to prostitution and drugs, as well as the possibility of a serial killer. Kim's legs were amputated as well as the legs of 4 other victims who were killed from 1986 to 1994. Eight victims in all (possibly more) have been linked to the same unknown killer in the last 10 years. There is one main suspect that has been investigated, but not charged for the murder of the eight women. The suspect is currently serving time for bad checks.

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Kimberly Rash