Kimberly Jean Dooley
12 Years Old

March 26, 1977 to March 17, 1990

Kimberly Jean "Kim" Dooley, of Waterloo, Wisconsin, was a very happy-go-lucky girl whose favorite food was pizza. Kim was only in the sixth grade at the Waterloo Elementary School when she was killed. Had Kim lived, she would have been a senior this year and graduated in June, 1996. Kim was involved in many activities: school safety patrol; macramé; church activities; music; choir; band; piano; cheerleading; baseball; basketball; karate; sewing; pottery; writing stores; Girl Scots; 4-H Club; raising ducks; and making various things for entry in the county fair. Kim had one brother, Richard, Jr.; two sisters, Susan and Khristine; three nieces, Crystal, Katie and Kelly, whom she loved to help take care of. Her mother, Sandy, passed away with cancer in 1994.


On March 17, 1990, Kimberly Jean was walking home on County Road "O" at approximately 10:00 pm because she missed connections with her ride. She was walking in the appropriate manner, on the side of the road facing traffic and was about two miles from her home. Kim was hit by a vehicle driven by Scott Keeley who had a blood alcohol content of .165. After Kim was hit by Keeley's vehicle, her body was carried several hundred feet up a hill. Keeley pleaded no contest and was sentenced to nine months in the Jefferson County Jail-Hueber with privileges after 30 days. Keeley was later killed in a head-on collision with a snowmobile.

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Kimberly Dooley