Kevin Mitchel Wheel
19 Years Old

August 8, 1971 to May 4, 1991

Kevin Wheel, of Lakewood, California, was a sweet, loving young man. He always had a smile on his face and a very funny sense of humor.

Kevin worked with his dad as a parking lot striper. He loved life. Kevin left behind a broken-hearted family; his big sister, Dionee; his dad, Stan; his ever-loving mom, Teresa; and lots of other family and friends. They all miss him terribly. Kevin will live in their broken hearts until they meet again. Life will never be the same.


While driving home, Kevin Wheel, 19, of Lakewood, California, was shot five times by gang members. He was not in a gang. He died three hours later with three bullets in his back and two in his head. He never regained consciousness.

The family and the police feel they know who pulled the trigger, but no one is willing to testify against him. The case remains unsolved, with a $10,000 reward.

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Kevin Wheel