Kevin Ray Tapp
11 Years Old

January 8, 1965 to July 29, 1976

Kevin Ray Tapp, of Enid, Oklahoma, was a lovable, good child. He was a good brother to his sisters, (Debra - 3 years older and Tresa - 3 years younger.) He did enjoy teasing his sisters and they did tangle sometimes.

He attended Sunday School and Church from the time he was born. He loved the Lord and prayed often. We went to Gideon national and state meetings and he enjoyed making friends from other countries, states and cities.

He loved basketball and had many friends. He had miniature race cars and had rack tracks all over his bedroom.

Kevin was abducted during the day just two blocks from his home. The police notified the family the next day that they had found him in a rural area. His hands and feet were tied and his throat had been cut.

Clifton Leroy Driskell was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Later, the sentence was changed to life in prison. He is serving time in a minimum security prison.


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Kevin Tapp