Kevin Ray Sorrell
22 Years Old

May 16, 1972 to March 13, 1995

Kevin Ray Sorrell, 22, of Tucson, Arizona, was a very kind, caring and giving person. Because he had been in Special Education and was a slow learner, he was extremely shy and found it hard to get to know people and had few friends. Kevin was an extremely trusting person and was easily taken advantage of.

Kevin loved the outdoors and loved to hunt, fish and hike. He also loved cars and put together models for years. After getting his first car, Kevin worked on it constantly; always changing something or adding something. He was so proud of it.

After finishing high school in San Simon, Arizona, in 1991. Kevin stayed at home with his family for almost two years before going into the Job Corp in Tucson, Arizona. After Job Corp, Kevin had a couple of other odd jobs, and then two months before his death, he started to work for Wells Fargo.

Kevin is survived by his parents, one sister Patricia Allen, one niece, and one nephew. When his nephew was learning to talk, he couldn't pronounce Kevin's name and called him "Uncle Punkin."


Kevin Ray Sorrell, 22, of Tucson, Arizona, worked for Wells Fargo as a guard. On Monday morning, March 13, 1995, Kevin was guarding the city-owned Suntran Bus Station. Sometime between 4:00 am and 6:00 am, someone broke in and robbed the bus station and abducted Kevin, who was unarmed, at gunpoint. They marched him nearly a mile down a wash behind the bus station and shot him four times - twice in the back and twice in the head. Kevin's murder remains unsolved.

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Kevin Sorrell