Kevin William Furman
23 Years Old

June 25, 1966 to August 29, 1989

Kevin William Furman was born at midnight on June 25, 1966. Although Kevin was an only child, he was raised with his cousins, Terri and Mark, who came to live with Kevin and his mother when Kevin was two. He considered Terri and Mark his "sister and brother".

He loved to be clean. Kevin attended parochial school until mid-way through the 7th grade. His mother never heard him swear. He frowned upon gossip, and seemed embarrassed by profanity. He was taught by his mother to be a gentleman, and opened doors for girls and women. He played little league baseball for SIBL (Sylmar Independent Baseball League) at ages 7, 8 and 9. He was in the Cub Scouts.

He proudly constructed a cedar chest for his mother when he was in high school, and was very upset when the lid cracked after someone accidentally used it for a chair.

The summer he was 15, he flew to Hawaii to spend some time with his uncle. He took his bicycle for transportation around the island.

Once he flew to Sacramento alone to visit another uncle, and then flew on to Chico Airport in an eight passenger Cessna. He was thrilled to be the only passenger on this short flight.

At 16, he got his first job at Magic Mountain, where he worked weekends and summers until he graduated from high school. With the income from this job, he purchased his first car and paid his own auto insurance.

His favorite food was lobster, clams on the half shell, barbecued spareribs and Cornish game hens.

He was usually very honest, and would try not to hurt anyone. He would go out of his way to avoid hurting anyone's feelings.

In a trip to Las Vegas with his mother when he was 19 or 20, he was thrilled to see the Bill Cosby show, and talked about it all the way home. He loved to be around little children.

He was always very mature for his age, and his mother was always amazed when young people several years older than he, sought out his company. He never got the opportunity to be married and be a father, but his thoughts were turning in that direction.

He never really realized how attractive he was to women, who admired him for his gentleness, sense of humor and, of course, good looks.


Kevin William Furman was 23 years old on August 29, 1989. Kevin was dating a young lady who had a cousin who often accompanied her to Kevin's house. When the cousin had an argument with her alcoholic mother, she fled to Kevin's house to be with her cousin and Kevin.

The cousin's mother, a 40 year old named Belita Edith Fox, got drunk on a hot August night in 1989, and did some drugs. At about midnight, she took a loaded gun to Kevin's house, forced her way into his bedroom, and emptied a gun into his body in cold blood. She was immediately arrested on the charge of first-degree, pre-meditated murder.

The District Attorney got her to admit during trial that Belita was jealous of Kevin because her daughter preferred his and her cousin's company to Belita's. Belita was also jealous of her daughter and niece and tried to compete with them for the attentions of the young men who were their friends. Belita Fox targeted her attention on Kevin because her daughter always said, "I'm going to Kevin's house," when she wanted to get away from her mother during an argument. Belita Fox admitted to the District Attorney during the trial that she killed Kevin to "punish" her daughter and niece, and to prove that she "would give up her freedom for the love of her daughter."

Belita Edith Fox was sentenced to 27 years to life at Frontera Institute for Women in California. She will be eligible for parole after serving only 18 years, in 2008. Kevin's mother plans to fight her parole. None of Belita's three children show any support for her, and her son publicly denounced her and her actions in a local newspaper.

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Kevin Furman