Kenneth Lewis
16 Years Old

January 3, 1951 to December 23, 1967

Kenneth Lewis, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had a sister, Dorothy; brothers Joseph, William, and Claud; mother, Dorothy; aunts, Terry and Teresa; grandmother, Ethel and grandfather, Patrick.


Kenneth Lewis, 16, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was arrested on a corner with another boy for solvern abuse. Kenneth was held on a warrant for not going to school. He was sent to the House of Correction because the Youth Study Center was overcrowded. Three days later he went to a hearing at the Youth Study Center and was told that he would be released to go into the service. Two days after the hearing, Kenneth was found hanging in his cell. A prisoner said that Kenneth was beat up, raped, his throat sliced from ear to ear and hung with his bed sheet.

The murder is unsolved.

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Kenneth Lewis